About the Product

Certification / Warranty


ZentechEcoboard Ltd. shall warrant to the direct purchaser for period of 10 years from the date of purchase that Wood Cement Board will:

  1. Resist damage caused by termite and fungus attacks
  2. Free from mold growing on edge
  3. Not rot and delaminate
  4. Free from asbestos
  5. Not contain urea formaldehyde

ZentechEcoboard shall not warrant:

  1. Mishandling, misuse or improper application (including, without limitation, failure of the product to be installed in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations, installation manual and or improper installation of studs or other accessories).
  2. Damage due to structural movement of the building or failure to the structural materials to which the cement board is attached.
  3. Installation practice not in accordance to manufacturer's recommendation.
  4. Failure of the owner to maintain the building with reasonable care or neglect.
  5. Damage arising from the acts of God, such as earthquakes, storms, floods, fire etc.

Zentechecoboard Ltd. assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

In the event the products proved to be defective. The company shall however have the option to supply replacement of the products or reimburse the purchaser of the purchased price in the first year. ZentechEcoboard Ltd. shall not be liable for any economic or consequential losses arising from any use of the product.

All warranties, conditions, obligations and liabilities, others than those specified by Zentechecoboard Ltd. are excluded.

ZentechEcoboard Ltd.